Practically Fine / Take It Or Leave It

by An Ongoing Story

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I know you
At least I like to think I do
But it's so hard when wrapped in dismal thought
Still I'll attempt
To be the one that keeps you distracted
And you'll pretend it's what you want

So tell me where you are and tell me where you want to be
I'd like to think that I could take you there
But based on My luck
I guess I'd probably fuck it up
As so do so well

I'll make do
With any sort of love you provide me
Cus lately it's been hard to live myself
And I know I know I know I know
I'm better than that better than that oh
I just can't see it for myself

But if you could explain to me why I should cease to think I'm dying
Then maybe I could try to read again
But it's not worth your sanity so let's commit to total silence
And I'll make due with getting stoned instead

Now tell me who you are and tell me who you want to be
I'd like to say I'm proud of who I am but that's a Goddamn lie
Its with your body next to mine
That I am practically fine


You were on the rooftop with your friends
Old enough to drink but drunk enough to play pretend
Looking at the city from behind a camera lens
You zoom in on the windows
You watch a mother out her kids to bed
A little to the left there is a couple having sex
There a riddle sense of beauty in the simplest event's
As you blush and point your head down
To the cars around you

It's never quite as good as it will get
You drank all that you could and finished every cigarette
Its two in the morning and you want to go to bed
But that's not what this nights about
You spent the whole summer in your room
Talking to yourself letting sadness consume you
All you've ever wanted was something to do
All you've ever wanted was something to groove

So here it is
Take it or leave it
To put and live
Mother fucker it is here if you need it


released February 17, 2017
Christian Evans - Guitar, Bass, Vox
Tyler Bohinc - Guitar
Luke Sabo - Drums
Arriel Tindel - Synth, Vox
Hallie Hertrick - Vox



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An Ongoing Story Ohio

Just a happy emo and a bunch of the emo's friends

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